Hondas are a very popular cargo. It is no coincidence as Honda is one of the most popular cars on the road. And this is also not a coincidence because Honda builds good cars. People often stick to their Honda for decades because they are reliable and economical, and also offer some pretty neat features. So, here it is one more Honda was shipped in Dec 2012. Our customers was so nice to film the  pick up of his vehicle and document Montway car shipping service. His car was shipped from Greer, SC to Lexington, MA. He booked the service on Dec 2nd and his first available pick up date was Dec 7th. The actual pick up of the car was Dec 8th and it was delivered on Dec 11th.  At the end the customer was happy with Montway auto transport service and this is all we work for. This is one more great video documenting our professional and timely services.

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