Montway Revolutionizes Inventory Management with M.A.P.

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Retail inventory is normalizing. As empty dealer lots rebound, it’s more important than ever to meet consumer expectations. A technology-focused logistics partner offers technology solutions to help manage your inventory. 

Transportation management systems like the Montway Automation Portal (M.A.P.) provide dealers with the ability to book, ship and track vehicles on a single platform. 

Manage inventory in one place

According to Zippia, only 6% of businesses report having full visibility of their supply chain, which is essential in the automotive sector.

A technology-focused auto logistics partner offers tools to keep you connected to your inventory, eliminating surprises and helping your dealership operate more efficiently. Whether you’re moving units between lots or to and from auctions, M.A.P. ‘s tracking information provides real-time ETAs on all inbound and outbound moves. 

Improve speed and efficiency with automation  

From delivering excellent customer service to replenishing your inventory—speed is everything in the automotive industry. Now dealerships have technology available to streamline their day. By automating transportation orders with M.A.P., you can get units to lots faster to sell. VINs can be uploaded in a single step, allowing carriers to be dispatched quickly and your cars to arrive sooner. 

Access documents in a centralized location

Emails, texting, phone calls, repeat—most processes still rely on these manual tasks and various platforms to get the job done. M.A.P. adds efficiency to your day by storing all critical documents in one centralized location for easy retrieval. By keeping BOLs, gate passes and photos in a secure online space, both shippers and carriers have access and everyone saves time and effort.

Manage expenses with on-demand pricing 

The cost of moving vehicles can add up quickly, limiting your buying range and adding more expenses to your inventory. With M.A.P.’s on-demand pricing, you can run quotes without booking orders, allowing you to see how transportation costs would impact your budget. Maybe buying those units a few states away makes sense!

Adapt to industry demands with M.A.P. 

Using technology to streamline your auto transportation accelerates the success of your dealership. M.A.P. provides automated bookings, tracking and a centralized location for critical delivery documents. Explore all the benefits of M.A.P. by scheduling a free personalized demo. Visit to learn more. 

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