Another day has come and gone, and we helped one customer to transport a car across the country. Our customer is shipping their car from California to Connecticut, and they are obviously happy with our auto transport services. This customer booked their car shipping with us on November 21 this year and they marked December 5th as first available pick up date. From that they normally the transport company has a few days to pick up the car. The actual pick up date was December 7th, which was very close to their first available date and the customers were very pleases. The estimated delivery date is December 21, which means the car has been delivered already.

So, from Irvine, California to Wilton, Connecticut it took about two weeks to transport a car. It is standard time frame for coast to coast car delivery. Now take a look at how our auto transporter is taking care of the pick up of the vehicle.

One more happy customer has filmed their video and we are twice happier! For more videos by customers please visit Montway YouTube channel. If you like this video please share it and leave your comment!