Montway’s Holiday Peace of Mind

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This holiday season, the topic on the table for major retailers is “Will we be open on Thanksgiving/Christmas.” Some of them have opted to give their employees the days off, while others are sticking to the recent trend of 24/7/365. Public opinion suggests that the vocal majority are all in favor of those retailers that decide to let their employees enjoy the holidays with their families, but have you ever been in that position on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or your holiday of choice where just nipping down to the local convenience store for that one thing you forgot would make a world of difference? Maybe you didn’t forget anything, but something came up and a pharmacy would be very beneficial at this exact moment. Unexpected things happen, and while we want everyone to enjoy a day off with their families, we also have to think about our customers.

Here at Montway, we like to think we’ve come up with a solution that is beneficial for everyone. A lot of our truckers will be driving through the holidays (by their own choice) making sure to get everyone’s car to them as quickly as possible. While your vehicles are in our hands and on the road, we want to make sure that you always have an avenue to reach us just in case. That’s why we remain open 365 days a year.

Now, that doesn’t mean our entire office will be here that day. We know that most people, much like us, will be spending the days with their families and not worrying about things like their vehicle transport. That’s why we’ve opted to staff our office with the bare minimum of what we think we’ll need in order to make sure anyone who does call is answered and helped in a timely fashion. We don’t stop there though. Anyone who is working in our office on these days will be doing so of their own choice. We firmly believe that no one should be forced to work the holidays, but at the same time we need to continue with our peace of mind guarantee and make sure that if you do need someone, Montway is here for you.

We are committed to not only making sure our customers are the happiest in the industry, but our employees as well. As a growing company, we understand that they are both equally as important to our success and growth.

So if you find yourself in the middle of that wonderful piece of turkey and think to yourself “I wonder how my car transport is progressing,” feel free to give us a call and, as always, we will be happy to help you.

Don’t forget, Montway is always here for your holiday needs. If you need to set up your holiday auto transport, give us a call at 888-666-8929, or get a free online quote. Montway is always here to help.

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