Night Transport Pick Up of a 1997 Geo Metro

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You may think that only newer, more valuable vehicles are the ones shipped by an auto transport company. While newer cars may be shipped more often, older cars need to be shipped sometimes too. After all, they may not be able to get from “point A” to “point B” as easily as a new car, right? That may have been the case with the shipment of this 1997 Geo Metro. It was shipped from Bellingham, Wash. to Portland, Ore. in just one day.

We’re thinking the owners either moved and didn’t trust their Geo to go the 264 miles on its own, or sold the car off to someone in Portland. Regardless of the reason it was shipped, it was still picked up and delivered to its destination safely. For a night pick up, it went as smooth as can be. One of the truck drivers gets into the Geo and is carefully guided onto the truck bed by the other trucker with a flashlight.

To be sure, the trucker takes his time and very slowly loads the Geo onto the truck. It looks like the other trucker guiding him in is a really big help with the flashlight, as it is very dark and hard to see.

While they may not be as attractive and reliable as newer vehicles, older cars still need love, too! We are glad this Metro made it to its destination safely.

Watch this older Geo load onto the transport truck

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