Nighttime Chase for a Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Nighttime Chase for a Jeep Grand Cherokee

When you ship cars for a living, and do a great job at it, over time you’re bound to pick up a handful of satisfied, loyal customers. Well, when we shipped this 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee earlier this year, we definitely picked up some very happy customers. In fact, they took the time to make their own customer video-montage of their Jeep being safely delivered in Port Townsend, Wash.

Car shipping pick up and deliveries that occur at night can get pretty tricky. For one, it’s dark and hard to see what you are doing. Most things are difficult in the dark, but loading and unloading someone else’s vehicle can be pretty difficult when lighting is limited. Thankfully, this trucker was able to safely and securely unload our customer’s Jeep from the truck.

Since it was so dark, it looks like the driver and customer agreed to meet at a place where they had a bit more light and room. Once there, the driver slowly drove the Jeep off the truck and back onto the ground.

This customer’s vehicle was shipped from Colorado Springs, Colo. to Port Townsend, Wash. in four just days. Seeing as though a 1,500 mile trip usually takes about 4-6 days to complete with a transport truck, this driver was right on time!

Watch this customer’s 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee get delivered safely

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