Options for Transporting your Car across the Country

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If you are planning a move across the country and you need to transport your car, too, there are several options to choose from. One option is a tow truck. If getting a tow truck sounds difficult then you can just use a truck or even a van to do this. However, this will require you to have some special hookup on the front, or if you prefer on the back of your car so that this can be regarded as a legal tow. Up to that part, nothing is too difficult and not so many decisions have been made by you. The next thing that you will do will be rather simple.

You may want to sign up for an auto club. You may ask, “What is the importance of this?” For you to even think of towing your vehicle there must be something wrong with it from the start and that is why we resorted to towing the vehicle rather than driving it all the way to the new state.

After signing up for the auto club you will have to call for a road service which will be responsible for towing your car to the state in which you want to go to. Up to this stage, nothing difficult has popped up and you haven’t made any tough decisions yet, but there aren’t many for you to make. For example, calling in for a road service to tow your vehicle will cost you some additional money. The price is not always fixed and it keeps on varying depending on where you want to go and the distance you have to go. If you still have to go for more than 15 miles then the price keeps on going up, but not to a level whereby driving the vehicle yourself would have been a better option.

Now it gets even easier because you are in the final steps of shipping your car to another state, but first you will have to hire an auto shipper. Auto shippers generally deal with the whole process of shipping the car from one state to another at a price of course. You leave them your car and go to the new state where after several days you will find that they have already shipped it there.

Getting an auto shipper is rather easy because all you have to look at is whether they are licensed or they aren’t and you also have to look at what they have been doing in the past. Were their customers happy with the condition of the car when they received it? Were there any complaints at all? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before starting to deal with an auto shipper. You should also know that it will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars to do this. After dealing with them, all that remains is how you will receive the car and what you plan to do with it on receiving it. By now you should have made the necessary arrangements to have it fixed and ready to run.

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