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If you are moving overseas because of your job, taking a vacation overseas, working overseas or just plain moving overseas then you need an auto-moving company that deals with international auto-moving.

How To Move Your Car Abroad

Moving vehicles overseas internationally is very stressful. Many things need to be done before you can ship your vehicle internationally. International auto-movers must be professional, have good customer relationships, know what the international laws are when it comes to moving your vehicle; they need to know what port to pick up the vehicle and what port to drop off the vehicle.

Auto-moving companies move vehicles for businesses, manufacturers and individuals to many different ports. International auto-moving companies should know what the tax, duty and shipping laws are for each port that they pull into. You want them to be courteous, friendly and have good rates.

International Regulations

International auto-moving companies must follow regulations that are part of the international trade. This is very important that international auto-moving companies follow their regulations and rules. Each country has a different set of rules and regulations to follow. Most of the international auto-moving companies take care of this in the customs administration. There are different contracts that International transportation needs to follow that have regulative functions.

Services Offered

International auto-moving companies offer two methods of moving. One is roll/on roll/off, (RORO) and the second one is container. The RORO is outfitted with twenty feet, forty feet and forty-five feet high cube containers. Each container can accommodate two to four vehicles. This is determined by the port of departure and the port of destination. The international auto-moving companies will take care of the US documents, customs, service and handling fees.

Auto-moving companies take pride in providing services from the beginning to the end of a contract in order to make shipping your vehicle internationally so that you do not have to worry about anything. Most international auto-moving companies are associated with the Better Business Bureau.

What You Should Know And Ask

The time to get the vehicle overseas depends on the departure time, weather and the company. It could take from ten to twelve days or even three to four weeks to deliver the vehicle. There are many questions that people need to ask themselves before shipping their cars overseas. Some questions you may ask are:

  • How difficult is it to ship your car overseas?
  • Is your car really needed overseas?
  • Can you resell it abroad or if you brought it home?
  • What are the standards for maintaining your car abroad?
  • Does your employer cover the cost of shipping your car overseas?
  • Can you bring your vehicle back home when you leave?
  • Do you need a driving permit under International regulations and do they apply to the new country?

One should consider these very serious questions before shipping their car overseas. Overall shipping your car overseas is not a simple job. The transport company that you choose should handle all the paper work for you. They should be professional, fast in picking up your vehicle and leaving it at your destination in the new country. Find out what kind of services they offer. Make sure they are bonded and insured. If you want to move your car around the USA, read our previous article here.

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