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For any business to be successful at all, it has to be well planned. Before you start the business of auto moving you need to first of all do the planning which is a kind of paperwork. The paperwork will examine such factors as the executive summary, market survey, financial plan, mission and vision statement, marketing strategy, equipment purchase, space for the business and the rest. When you factor into all these in your paperwork, you will be able to determine how successful the business will be and most importantly the minimum amount that you will require for the business. In the paperwork, you will also determine who your major competitors are and who your major audience is.

Location of the Company

Having finished with the paperwork, it is now time to actualise what you have on the plan. You need a space where you will establish the business. Auto transport business involves a number of heavy automotives for transporting cars. This means that you will require enough space for the business. Besides, the vehicles that you will be conveying should have a garage before they are parked into the auto carrier for the movement. Acquire enough space that will contain as many vehicles as possible. Remember the open auto carrier is long in size.

You will also need an executive office where you will discuss business with your clients. It will be nice if the office is located near the space for the parking of auto transport equipment and cars. This will also speak for you before your clients especially if you have enough space. As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing.” So if your clients see your equipment they will believe that you are serious in your business.

Getting Your License

You will need license in order to operate. In order to make sure that no stone is left unturned in this aspect, you have to call the United States Department of Transportation. You will be able to get all the necessary documentations and registration you will require before you can operate the auto moving company. Make sure that you do every registration and documentation so that you will not be found wanting by law.


There is no how you can run such a business without having a huge capital. It will be difficult for you to run such a business with your personal savings unless you are a multi-millionaire. So, you have to look for financial aid. There are many financial institutions that can give you financial aid. But before you go for loan, make sure that you get the necessary documentation ready. The financial institutions may require your credit score, bank statement and your business plan in order to see the possibility of their recovery the loan and also the possibility of the business moving.


Get your auto transport equipment ready. It is advisable for you to be hiring equipment at this initial time until raise enough capital to buy your own auto carrier.


Before you move out with people’s car, make sure that you are covered by a reputable car insurance company. You can never tell what will happen on the highway. Accident can occur at any time and it does not know whether you are starting newly or not. Having insurance will be useful to you if such mishap occurs.


You will require human labour to run the business. Employ well trained driver for the business. Besides drivers, you will also require office attendance, receptionists and other people that will help in getting the cars parked and arranged in the auto carriers before it sets out.

If you get all these things, then you can begin your business.

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