Preparing Your Car For Shipping

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Preparing your car for shipping is not complicated at all. There are a few simple steps to follow to make sure your car is ready to be transported. The car shipping process looks simple enough, yet there are many aspects into it and preparing your car for shipping is an important part.

Preparing your car for shipping

  • There are several things that you need to remove from your car should you need to transport it to a foreign country. Most car shipping rates are based on weight of the vehicle, so you need to remove any items or removable parts that might affect the weigh before the car ships.
  • You should not empty your fuel tank completely, rather have ¼ tank of fuel in your car. This is the maximum quantity of fuel that should remain in your fuel tank for safety reasons.
  • Remember to remove your license plates when you deliver your car at the port of loading. Definitely, you will not use the plate in a foreign country. So, you should take it off and put it in your luggage.
  • Any spare parts other than spare tire should be removed from the car. You should also not include any of your personal belonging in your car. What should be in your car are the spare tire, floor mats, car owner’s manuals, factory equipped kit, lug wrench and jack. Any other items are not allowed by law as most car shipping companies are not licensed to transport household goods.
  • There is a special insurance for vehicle being transported across the open ocean called marine insurance. It is recommended that you obtain such insurance. Though it is not obligatory, it will be additional security for your car in case any damages occur due to turbulence or storms in the open ocean.  Regular auto insurance does not provide coverage for any damage that may be sustain during transit in the high ocean. It does not even cover loss of any parts of your car in the ocean.  Thus, preparing your car to avoid damages includes obtaining marine insurance when shipping your car across the ocean.
  • If you are an American tourist travelling to Europe, the green card insurance will be required from you when you want to pick up your car from the port. This insurance covers the minimum requirements for third party liability in any country for which the Green Card System applies. This system allows vehicles to move freely in the countries of the European Union.

The above are some of the rules that are observed when you are shipping your car across the ocean using the roll on/roll off vessels. Another auto shipping option is the container shipment option. As the name suggests, your car will be put in an enclosed container. The container will be hoisted into the ship. This option is very safe. The car will be protected from every damages and scratches. Some of the containers are properly prepared so that the car inside will not be affected by shocks resulting from turbulence, rough movement of the ship in the ocean, storm and the likes. So if you have expensive or luxury car that you want shipped across the ocean, this is the best option for you. Everything in your car will be intact for you since the container will be locked and keep properly. Still be sure you follow the tips to prepare your car for transporting we listed above.

Understanding the different car shipping options options available and preparing your car for shipping will help you make a more educated decision and ship your car safely. Weigh your options and prepare your car carefully, and decide in favor of the shipping plan that fits your requirements. Once you decide which type of auto shipment you want to use start researching the right auto transport company and get your auto shipping quote.

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