10 Easy Steps for Preparing Your Car for Shipping

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In the midst of preparation for relocating or vacationing in another place – you might want to consider shipping your vehicle for either necessity or convenience. If this is the case, there are a few things you should know about preparing your car for shipping. Just follow these easy steps – and you will be worry free.

Preparing your car for shipping

  1. Auto Insurance – Can the shipping company show proof of their liability and cargo insurance? All legitimate car shipping companies should be able to show documentation that they are insured in the unlikely event of an accident. You’ll want to ask them if they have that to show you. Also call your own insurance company to see if your coverage will give you a buffer in the event that you’ll need to file a claim.
  2. Detail/wash your vehicle. Check for scratches, and dings to the body of your car. Check the interior for wear and tear on upholstery, and make sure that everything is intact. Take photos of the interior and exterior to be able to check properly when you meet your car on the other side of the trip.
  3. If your vehicle has after-market products, for example – customized accessories like a spoiler kit, skirt, or under-carriage lights, secure or remove them prior to shipping to prevent damage.
  4. Have a mechanic check your fluids, brakes, and other forms of maintenance to make sure your car is in tip-top shape. Make sure that your tires are fully inflated, and repair or seal any fluid leaks. Make sure to let the shipping company know if you have fluid leaks to avoid leaking onto someone else’s car.
  5. Do not top off your gasoline. Most shipping auto transport companies prefer that you leave your gasoline at about a quarter of a tank of gas.
  6. Make sure convertible tops and windows are closed and secured.
  7. Disable all car alarms, and provide the transportation company with your alarm remote in the event that it hasn’t been disengaged fully. Also, provide any remotes for automatic starting on your car.
  8. Pay all fees prior to shipping, and be prepared to pay the remaining balance for the car shipping service immediately after your car has been delivered to your new location.
  9. Be patient if your car hasn’t arrived when it was scheduled to. Keep in mind, traffic and weather can cause delays and the truck drivers do the best they can to adhere to their schedule.
  10. Check the interior and exterior of  your car against the photos you have taken at the pick up of your vehicle. If, by chance, something doesn’t match up – file  your insurance claim immediately. Make sure to have photos, accident reports, and any other relevant information that you may need to make things go smoothly.
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