What needs to be remembered at all times is that when you are moving your car across the ocean you are not allowed do add personal belongings. There are only some 20 feet containers that have enough room to accommodate personal belongings and you might have to go for the 40 feet containers when you also have to add different personal belongings that occupy more space. In any case, the belongings are to be located in a different location and not in the car. You are recommended to clean the car and then eliminate any junk that might be present.

We need to be prepared in the event that anything goes wrong. This basically means that it is recommended to take a picture of the car. The photo has to include some sort of time stamp. If possible you need to take these pictures because of the fact that it is proof of the condition of the vehicle before it was let in the care of the considered shipping company. If the car is to be damaged during the shipping process then this will prove that the fault was entirely of the transporter as the car was perfect when they received it in their care.

There are some people that are going to forget about the car alarm. Make sure that it is disconnected because you really do not want it to start when in the middle of the ocean. The only thing that would happen in this case is ending up with a battery that is discharged. Do not just turn it off! Make sure that it is completely disconnected as it is possible to have it accidentally set off. When the car is moved a lot of movement appears so shaking the car up is possible.

Now let us talk about the needed paperwork. This needs to be done early as it might take some time. The sooner everything is finished, the easier it is going to be for the vehicle to be transported across the ocean. Keep in mind that paperwork research is important. All countries have different rules when talking about car transport and it is highly likely to prove vehicle ownership and even receive visa for the car. Some will ask that you receive special permission while declaring the vehicle as being imported. If the car is not properly registered then you need to keep leaving the country and coming back with a new visa after some time passes.

We should also talk about import taxes. They might have to be paid when the vehicle is going through customs. It is really common and you might actually avoid this in the event that proper paperwork is filled. This will all depend on country where you go to as different regulations are going to be in effect. Make sure that you research the law so that you are not going to be surprised in any negative way. If you plan ahead you will most likely meet no problems.