Relax and take the Train on your Next Vacation

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Traveling great distances can be very exhausting when you drive a car. One can become very cranky when spending days in a car driving. Another mode of transportation that can be enjoyed much more is traveling by train. There are many benefits, such as:

  • Reliable

Trains are less prone to mechanical problems than cars. Traveling by car for long distance trips is a menace especially the tires will burst now and then. The car will also overheat now and then thus stopping again and again for cooling. This makes them a better means of transport. Trains usually travel on schedule. The timetable is well planned and kept so trains can be very reliable when it comes to time. A car cannot deliver such timely services.

When using trains, there is no traffic jams involved like in the case of cars since trains travel in an orderly manner. Cars are frequented with traffic jams that one can never avoid.

  • Safety

Trains rarely experience accidents unlike cars. This makes them a safer means of traveling.

Cars are marred with carjacking and theft. Traveling by cars especially over long distances and remote areas there is high risk of being carjacked. One of the carjackers may kill you and as well steal your car. Others may just steal your money and go. But in the case of trains there are no train thefts unless terror threats which are highly prevented by good security.

  • Comfort

Trains that are designed to travel over long distances are usually designed that they meet the best comfort possible. Thus the passengers will travel while relaxed. These trains are very spacious and to add to them there are comfort items such as dining tables, refrigerators, LCD TVs among others.

Some of the train chambers come in different classes of comfort while others are uniform. Those with different classes are being done away with since they lead to discrimination of passengers as they are treated to different conditions in the same train. The modern trains are all uniform and provide same services to all the passengers. You just choose the train of your class depending on the cost but all are economical.

Trains are also more suitable to use in long distances since they have very clean toilets. When using a car and there is no toilet near to relieve yourself you can only run into a nearby bush. Thus trains more comfortable.

On trains, just like plains, one is provided with food and beverages so no need to make stop-over everywhere, unlike in a car, where you have to take many stopovers to have a meal in a restaurant.

In a train you also have the chance to sleep in comfort and relax.

  • Beautiful scenery

When traveling on train, you will get the chance to watch the country side scenery in cases where the train is not an underground one. For long distances the trains are on ground for most of the journey.

  • Carry More

When traveling over long distances you will most likely need to carry more luggage especially when going out. Trains have very spacious storage for luggage.

All in all, trains outweigh cars for long distance traveling where trains are readily available especially in the first world countries. In the third world countries trains are few and those available not that efficient but are still worth for long distance trips.

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