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Imagine you are out for a walk and are about to cross the bridge leading to the nearby park. We all love to take long strolls in the park on a warm afternoon. Imagine this is one of your last walks because you are relocating soon to a new home out of state. You are cheerfully thinking that everything has been arranged with your upcoming move to a new state – new house and job found, the old house sold, everything is packed and ready to be transported,  including your car. So, nothing can ruin your happiness and blissful walk in the park. Or you thought so.

Epic Fail….For This Driver!

Keep walking…now in the middle of the bridge stop and turn to your right. You will turn because there is a car carrier truck coming onto the bridge about to smash the top rack with cars in the bridge. Terrified you start running to get off the bridge and terrified watch the clash between the top row of cars against the bridge. Your heart is pounding as crazy and you still can’t believe your eyes. No one was hurt, but you feel sorry for the lost cars and their owners. In the very next moment, your very own car comes to mind as you realize that you have just scheduled a car delivery along with the household moving service. Your heart rate increases imagining that this could be your car and you pass out.

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Montway Gives You Peace Of Mind…Breathe!

Now open your eyes and breathe. With Montway  Auto Transport this will never happen. Well never say never, but since the beginning, Montway maintains impeccable safety rating and reliable car delivery. Things happen and we all know that, but some auto transporters are just reckless. When you are about to hire an auto transporter you have to consider their safety rating.

Thus, if you are wondering how to find a reliable car shipping company keep the USDOT Safety Measurement System (SMS) in mind. The SMS keeps records of a motor carrier’s on-the-road performance and investigation results. In general, the industry’s record is quite safe. Accidents do happen, but most of the time they are caused by human error rather than technical failure. Moreover, auto transporters are involved in fewer crashes than other cargo haulers.

Montway Auto Transport Safety and Compliance Rating

At Montway Auto Transport we strictly follow the safety rules and regulations and this is evident from our Motor Carrier Safety Measurement System Report. This report is a public record and everyone can verify the information by simply imputing our USDOT number 1673578 in the search field. Based on the last 24-month record ending April 27, 2012, Montway does not have any accidents and on-the road performance is ranked 100 % safe.

In fact, since the opening, the company has never had any accidents. The company’s fatigue driving does not exceed the threshold and there are no serious cargo or drivers’ fitness violations cited. Montway’s vehicle maintenance and inspection reports show no serious problems whatsoever and the overall history shows that the company takes into consideration every detail.

There Is Always Room For Improvement and Montway Never Stops Advancing and Learning

Our reputation speaks for itself and proves that we follow all the industry rules and regulations. The safety of the cars we transport and the satisfaction of our customers’ demands is a priority for Montway. There is always something that a motor carrier can do to improve…and Montway does it every day. We constantly track our carriers’ performance and work on improving our customer booking and order processing system. Our truck drivers know how to deliver cars safely…and know where the bridges are to low.

Montway agents and dispatchers go through professional training to ensure high customer satisfaction. There are no gaps and no glitches when it comes to moving your car with Montway! Please, verify this for yourself by reading Montway auto transport reviews by our customers. We are a 5 star rated company across the major transportation review sources and our reputation is flawless. So… open your eyes and relax. Montway will provide you with a reliable car shipping service.

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