Relying on Taxi Services Every Day

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Relying on Taxi Services Every Day

A number of taxi firms offer smart technology which will allow regular travellers to book a taxi via a short message service (SMS), either on the internet of through the taxi companies’ interactive voice response systems. Travellers can pre-book up to five different pick-up locations. Signing up to this service is free and customers can update their profile and express their preferences on an on-going basis.

This makes using the taxi firm for daily journeys even easier. Once you know your meeting or work schedule, you just send the message to your taxi firm and your next week’s requirements are taken care of.

Using a taxi service on a daily basis helps not only the traveller who is either a busy executive rushing from meeting to meeting or somebody who doesn’t want to drive, so they have time to work between locations. It also guarantees a regular income to a company or driver. Establishing a good relationship is essential. The way you arrive for a business meeting and the impression you make when first meeting a potential employer or client can make all the difference between your success or your failure.

If you are a busy conference organizer and need to travel to a number of locations throughout the day, you want to know that your driver leaves you in peace whilst you are checking your urgent emails. Naturally you will want your driver to be friendly but you don’t need a driver who tells you his/her life story, when you are trying to make last minute checks to your itinerary.

Advantage for the Taxi Company

For taxi companies providing such a daily service, the customer represents not just a source of regular income. A happy daily customer is worth their weight in gold. They will usually let other people know how good the service is that they receive on a daily basis. They will recommend the taxi firm to their employer as a designated taxi firm for all their employer’s requirements, praise the company to all their friends, family and neighbours and use the taxi firm for other journeys, such as airport transfers or a night out on the town with their friends in addition to their regular service.

Word of mouth is the most effective advertising there is. Sometimes this will require going the extra mile and making sure that customers’ bags are carried to the door at no extra charge or that the metre doesn’t start ticking during loading and unloading times. Taxi firms rely on recommendation far more than they rely on advertising, as the completion is so fierce, particularly in towns and cities.

Attracting regular clientele allows taxi companies to eventually branch out into providing other transport services, which may benefit the community as a whole.