Service Marketing and How It Differs from Product Marketing

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When a customer signs up for a service, especially if that service involves something expensive or precious to them, they put a great deal of  trust in the company providing the service. In order to effectively market a service company, it is important to understand the differences involved in marketing a service versus marketing a product. A product is an actual object that you can demonstrate the features and capabilities of, and actually see it in action. A service is a period of time in which the consumer will undergo an experience that can never be repeated in the exact same manner. When a consumer purchases a service they rely heavily on the reputation of the company providing the service because a service is a variable experience that cannot be returned.

Providing great service, receiving great reviews!

Consistently building and maintaining a solid reputation is one of the most effective tools in marketing a service to consumers. The challenge is replicating the same level of positive experience regardless of the fact that there are various employees providing these services. A strict code of procedures and behaviors need to be adhered to in order to attempt to create a satisfying customer experience regardless of which employee is providing the services. Listening to a customer needs is an extremely important skill when providing a service. When a customer perceives their concerns are being heard, they feel they are being well taken care of. People who enjoy working with other people, solving problems and creating positive experiences are the best individuals for providing services involving customer relations. When the consumers interact with that kind of employees then they go online and write great reviews about your company and service. When an auto transporter takes good care of customers’ vehicle then customers write reviews. Auto transporters reviews online are really important as this help other customers learn more about the auto shippers practices.

Unlike a product that can be returned if you are not satisfied, if you are not satisfied with a service, there is no turning back. You can’t exchange the experience for a more favorable one. It is something that remains in your memory as a negative encounter where you more than likely consider your time has been wasted by the company providing the service. It is very difficult to erase an encounter where poor service has been delivered; this can be damaging to your reputation and must be avoided at all costs. Routine monitoring and training of employees can guard against providing undesirable services.

Great service is about transparency and consistency

Despite the challenges, creating a positive experience for the consumer of services provided by various individuals can be managed in a variety of ways. Transparent documentation and clear cut communication as to what will happen before, during and after the services that are being performed as well as what the end results will manifest is essential. Especially in the auto transport business because people are usually trusting a valuable object in the hands of an auto moving company. For some their car feels like a family member or extension to their house (want to know who feels that way? read our Men love for cars article). A customer being kept in the dark as to the status of a service is less likely to understand and feel comfortable about the process. Maintaining consistency in the flow of the process needs to be managed through monitoring programs to make certain the quality of service does not decline. From the first phone call to final delivery, the customer needs to be fully aware of the process in which they are involved. Fostering trust in your relationship with the consumer is one of the fastest ways to build and maintain a solid reputation people know they can count on.

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