Another great video was posted on Montway YouTube channel. Our customer has filmed part of the inspection and the loading of his car onto an open car carrier trailer. Truckers are pretty relax, I would say make good actors as the camera does not bother them at all. Awesome job fro all characters in this short movie. This customer booked with us Dec 3, 2012 and and requested Dec 4th as first available pick up date. ┬áThe actual pick up date was Dec 10 because with the Holiday season was coming close and it was harder to find a truck. However, the transit time was only two days and the car was delivered on the lucky date 12/12/2012. Although we all expected the world to end that day we were working and car was delivered. Ultimately of course the world did not end. It is not going to happen just like that in one day right! It will be slow and …anyway. It might be one day.

Take a look at this awesome video. The auto transport process looks easy and effortless and it is when you book with us! We work only with the best carriers who really know how to take care of each car.  This is a trucker form Prestige Auto Carriers LLC with whom we have been working for quite some time now.

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