Another Nissan. What can we say – people love them or just buy them becuase the Altima is very affordable. I am not sure here. I would never buy an Altima. We quoted this customer on 12/12/2012 – yes this date again everyone was looking forward to. So, he booked with us on Dec 12th and the car was posted to Central Dispatch to find a carrier willing to transport it from Chicago, IL to Santa Clara, CA. The vehicle was dispatched on Dec 19th and picked up on Dec 21st. The delivery date was Jan 2nd. It usually takes about a week to ship a car from the Midwest to the West coast but because it was the holidays and most truckers want to spend it with their families it took a little longer.

Check out the video our customer filmed the night of the pick up. Yes the night because trucker picked it up in the cold and rainy evening of Dec 21st.

Shipping a car from Chicago to Santa Clara

For more videos filmed by our customers please visit Montway Youtube channel.