The Winter is Coming and You are Moving!

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Relocating across the city might be exciting. Not pleasant, but exciting yes. Now if it is during the winter it won’t be even exciting. Just imagine the temps at the freezing point, and you loading boxes with kitchenware and books in your car or rental truck! Besides that it’s cold, the weather is gloomy and not many friends are wheeling to come over and help. It’s not you, don’t worry, it’s the weather.

Moving in The Winter Can Hit You Hard

Now imagine even a nastier scenario – moving in the winter… across the country! There won’t be even a drop of excitement (except if you are not going to the South, but let’s leave that case out of the picture for now!). In this case scenario, you will most likely not be loading your car rather a huge rental truck, or you will have a moving crew doing the hard work for you (you better do!).

Most moving companies offer discounted rates during the winter as it is the slow season for them. Also, in the winter the moving companies are left with the experienced, professional movers who know how to get a job done well and fast. So, you got two advantages of moving in the winter – lower rates and professional moving manpower. The advantages here won’t outweigh the disadvantages though…believe me. Hiring a moving company would probably be the best solution for you when relocating across the country, so enjoy these assets and that’s about all of the blessings you can get…may be.

Still Have to Drive When Relocating…If You Want!

You will still have to pack and load a few important things in your own car, but then you have to drive…in the winter… across the country. That is not fun! Well, you may have a huge AWD or SUV, but still driving across the country means thousands of miles to put on your vehicle. No matter how good of a car you have, and how good of a driver you are driving in the winter is not like singing in the rain (or driving for that matter). If you are moving you will most likely be under stress, moreover if you are going to a new place you don’t know that well.

Driving on roads you are not familiar with will double the chances of an unpleasant experience during your relocation in the cold winter months. Ask some of the ‘snowbirds’ who move away for the winter every snowbirds season, and actually take advantage of snowbirds car shipping discount. They will tell you about the advantages of hiring a transportation company to ship your car!

So, just like hiring a moving company for your household goods will save you time and money in the winter, a car moving company will as well save you time and money by relocating your car. Don’t fall victim of any myths about car shipping that it is expensive and you better drive it yourself! Check out some steps for preparing your car for shipping and you will be ready to roll.

Shipping Car Across The Country Means:

  • No worries how the driving will go
  • No worries of getting stranded on the road
  • No worries of encountering a storm
  • No worries of accidents

Wow! That is Really Piece of Mind!

Finding a reliable car transport company to ship your vehicle across the county will save you a lot. Be advised that there are ‘shumcks’ out there and car shipping scams do occur, so research your movers and read customer reviews.  You will not have to worry about who will be driving the car hours and hours, and how much the fuel will cost you, and where you’ll have to stop to rest for instance.

Moreover, if you are going to drive across the country you need to check: ignition and fuel system, belts, breaks, fluid levels, tires, battery, lights, defroster, antifreeze and more to be sure you will be traveling comfortably. That is a lot of car maintenance to be done, don’t you think? You still have to check your car and make sure it is derivable when shipping it,  but it’s nothing like worrying about technical problems that can lead to unexpected and unpleasant situations on the road.

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