We have been shipping many Nissans lately, I don’t know what is the deal with this. I mean we have nothing against this, it’s not like their design or something bother us, but it is just weird the number of Nissans we ship. So, this 2006 Nissan Altima was shipped from Texas to Pennsylvania in December 2012. The customer booked with us on Dec 6th and his first available pick up date was the same day. Montway carrier picked up the vehicle on Dec 8th and delivered the car on Dec 11th. This was a quick trip from Midwest to the East coast.  He told us we will fly to PA on Dec 9th so the pick up had to be by the 8th.

Everything went as planned and our customer was happy to film the pick up of the vehicle, and the video is great!

For more videos filmed by customers please visit Montway YouTube channel.