The word “cost” is usually associated with money; however, I will attempt to explore the word “cost” in relation to its many meanings as well as its implications.

Please consider the following facts when thinking driving vs. shipping a vehicle cost:

Two weeks ago the average cost for unleaded-regular-gas in Chicago was $4.11 a gallon.

In the start of the year 2012 the price of gas toppled the scales, predictions of gas rising to $5.00 a gallon for the summer seemed extremely plausible.

The national average cost of unleaded-regular gas is currently$3.59.

If you drive a standard vehicle that gets 25 miles to the gallon (and your vehicle has a 12 gallon tank) you will most likely spend less than 85 dollars if you travel approximately 300 miles.  In addition, if you drive 70 miles an hour, you will spend less than 5 hours travelling (depending on traffic).

A trip from Chicago to a suburb, or from Chicago to Indiana, Or from Chicago to Michigan might only cost you 85 bucks and 5 hours. Not bad, right?

Wrong? Did you ask your self these questions:

What is your time worth?Are you simply taking a trip or are you relocating to another state? Shipping your vehicle is not only about saving time, it is about saving money. Traffic can be very unpredictable. How much would it cost you, if your driving trip takes longer than expected? Can you afford to miss a meeting? Do you feel comfortable starting over in a new city or state being steps behind?

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Shipping a car vs. driving when relocating

Please consider the following scenarios:

These are rates received from reliable car transport company.

Travelling from Chicago to Seattle, Washington may take approximately 1 day and 9 hours while you put 2,063.8 miles on your vehicle, or you can have it shipped for approximately $980.

Moving from Chicago to St. Paul, Minnesota may cost you 7 hours and 6 minutes of your day while you put 402.2 miles on your vehicle, or you can have it shipped for $390.00.

Travelling from Chicago to Albany, New York may cost you 13 hours and 47 minutes of your life, while you put 844.3 miles on your vehicle, or you can ship it for $680.00.

Relocating  from Chicago to San Antonio, Texas may cost you 20 hours and 21 minutes of your life while you put 1,242.6 miles on your vehicle, or you can ship it for approximately $670.00.

Travelling from Chicago to Miami, Florida may cost you 23 hours and 8 minutes of your life while you put 1,377.5 miles on your vehicle, or you can ship it for an average of $560.00.

Shipping a vehicle is about saving time and money!

Auto shipping rates vary from state to state thus you have to make sure you shop around, but never go for the lowest quote. A drastically low quote raises a red flag and often leads to car shipping scams.  Car transportation service is the ultimate choice when a person or family is relocating or moving to another state, especially if it is across the country. Shipping can save your vehicle mileage as well as the hassle of traffic and/or any car trouble that may be unpredictable. Don’t fall for some of the top myths about car shipping and consider this option when you have to relocate. Thus, when moving consider all the expenses involved and the total cost and compare to the vehicle shipping cost.

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