From Snow to Sun: Shipping a 2012 Toyota Corolla

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From Snow to Sun: Shipping a 2012 Toyota Corolla

If you live in the North, then there have definitely been times where you woke up one frigid winter morning wishing you were in a much warmer climate. Perhaps you woke up every winter morning with those wishes. Well, if you were this 2012 Toyota Corolla then your wish came true. Earlier this year in January, we shipped this vehicle from chilly Dearborn Heights, Mich. to bright Sunnyvale, Calif. Even the destination city’s name screams summer.

Snowy Weather Can’t Stop Montway

You can easily see in the customer’s video how dreary and snowy it is in Michigan when the vehicle is picked up. The sky even has that cold winter blue hue. The trucker takes his time driving through the slush and carefully drives the Corolla onto the transport truck. The tires even have a bit of a difficult time grabbing onto the bed of the truck. Once the vehicle is safely loaded, the video fades to a much clearer, drier and sunnier location: Sunnyvale, Calif. With no snow and dry roads, the trucker unloads the vehicle and safely delivers it to our customer.

The whole trip, about 2,500 miles, took 10 days to complete. We’re pretty sure that Corolla was more than happy to arrive in a much warmer climate. We know we would be!

From Michigan to California: Snow to Sun in 10 Days

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