Snowbirds Return North

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It may not be summer just yet, but the air is getting warmer and flowers have slowly been sprouting out of the ground. For those of us that have weathered the harsh winter, this means that spring has finally sprung. And as the sun starts warming our cheeks we can also start to welcome back our fellow snowbirds. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a snowbird is a northerner that heads south to a warmer climate for the winter. It’s not unusual for snowbirds to flee the north and stay in warmer climates for at least four months, avoiding the winter altogether.

Are any northerners that were forced to deal with the cold and snow this winter jealous?

Snowbirds Are Flocking To Florida

And rightfully so, because snowbirds get to enjoy the best of weather throughout the whole year. However, the one drawback is the travel to and from the south. Most snowbirds flock to Florida, and from the north that can be a long trip if you are driving. Considering the fact that most snowbirds want their car with them down south, a good deal of them are likely making that long trek themselves. This can result in many disgruntled travelers, but our fellow snowbirds should know that there is a better way!

Instead of driving their car back to the north themselves- which can take up to two days if you are coming from Florida to Illinois- they should enlist the help of auto transport companies. With companies like Montway, snowbirds can have their car picked up in Florida and dropped off in Illinois while they soak up a little extra sun before hopping on a plane to come home. And after a long, relaxing “winter” a short plane ride surely sounds much better than a two-day road trip.

For the skeptical snowbirds out there, take a look at some of the advantages of shipping a car for your trek back so next time around you can keep that laid-back, summer groove all year round.

Snowbird Advantages to Shipping a Car

Save Time

If you’ve done it before, you know that traveling to the north from a southern state like Florida takes a good deal of time. In fact, it usually takes about two days since most snowbirds are retirees and don’t have the desire to make the trek all at once. Instead of wasting two days on a trek, you can ship your vehicle and save yourself nearly 20 hours. Let the auto shipping company know what day your car must be picked up by, be there when your car is loaded onto the truck and meet it back in the north a few days later.

Save Money

A lot of snowbirds may think that shipping their vehicle is a great idea, but that it may cost a bit too much money. However, auto transport prices are typically very reasonable. On top of that, it can be easy to brush off the amount of money you would spend on driving back yourself, but the cost can really add up. For one, you’ll likely have to spend money on a hotel since driving straight through is not an appealing option.

When you add the amount of money you end up spending on gas and food along the way you may be surprised at how high the numbers get. You can easily compare the cost of driving yourself to the cost of shipping your car by utilizing our instant shipping rate quote calculator. Without providing any personal information you can instantly get an instant quote on how much to ship a car from Clearwater, Fla. to Chicago, Ill.

Save Wear and Tear on Your Car

Simply put, driving very long distances can really take a toll on your vehicle. Furthermore, putting hundreds of miles on your car isn’t ideal. When you use a car transporter, your car is safely placed on a carrier and taken from one place to another with no wear and tear, and no extra miles being added. This is the best situation for snowbirds that want to maintain their car’s value and keep it in tip-top shape.

As you can see, the benefits of shipping a car heavily outweigh any of the reasons you may have for driving your car back on your own. It may be too late to get on the auto transporter bandwagon this season, but when next year rolls around and it’s time to migrate south once again keep these benefits in mind and enlist Montway Auto Transport to ship your car. Call one of our friendly shipping advisors at (888) 666-8929 to get started.

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