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Apart from your legal obligation to keep your luxury vehicle in a road-worthy condition and fully insured and taxed, you also want to ensure that your car retains as much of its resale value as possible. Regular repairs and maintenance are a must to keep your car in mint condition.

In addition to asking for references from your chosen garage, you should also ask yourself if your car is going to be securely kept whilst on their premises. With car crime at an all-time high and organized gangs just waiting to get their hands on your luxury Lotus, Mercedes Benz or Jaguar, garages must ensure that customers’ cars are kept safe during the service or repair period. Properly installed CCTV is a must along with securely locked doors and gates, not to mention a fully functioning alarm system.

You’d be wise to ask about the garage’s insurance cover and policy before things go wrong and the premises are broken into resulting in the theft or damage of your car. Whilst on the garage’s premises your car should be covered by their insurance policy, but it is best to find out what exactly is covered, should you find that your personal items in the boot or in the glove compartment are stolen, they might not be covered.

Insuring your Luxury Car

Insuring a luxury car is usually very similar to insuring a standard vehicle, except for the price of course. The amount of money you’ll pay for insuring a luxury car is typically significantly more, although factors like your driving record also play an important part in determining the cost of your policy. Assuming you invested a large sum of money in your luxury car, you’ll want to ensure the best insurance coverage possible whilst keeping an eye on the cost.

Determine how you plan on using your luxury car during the time of ownership. If you are planning on using your prestige automobile just on the weekends or for a couple nights of the week, you could save money on your insurance, as many car insurance companies will offer lower rates for people who don’t have a high mileage. The reasoning behind this is that a car which rests more in the garage is less likely to be involved in road accidents or getting stolen in a public car park. The maintenance needed on a luxury car that isn’t driven often will also be minimal, saving you trips to your luxury service repair shop.

You might find joining a prestige, luxury car club will reduce your insurance premium, since some insurance companies will offers policies at lower rates knowing you’re a member of a club. With your luxury car properly insured and the luxury service repair garage insured, you have minimal risk of theft while you car is being serviced and maintained. Don’t bring your luxury automobile to just any garage. Ensure they have the required security measures available to prevent unnecessary stress for you.

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