Starting your Garage Repair Shop Correctly

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The competency of your mechanics adds value to your garage. Make sure you start with experienced and good quality mechanics. One of the main reasons why people run away from garages is because their vehicles are not well repaired. In some garages, instead of fixing your vehicle’s problem, they may worsen it further and this will scare away your customers. In fact with this you won’t remain with any of them and them selves they will de-campaign your garage and even you won’t get new customers. Watch out for fake mechanics and make sure you carry out your interviews well to select the best. Never should you tell your customer that you can’t manage their car’s problems. Every good mechanic should be able to repair a car from top to bottom and there fore customers won’t tolerate excuses.

Stock your garage with tools and spare parts. It is not good for a person to bring in their cars and you have to tell them, “We don’t have spanners that open this or that.” What kind of garage that would be? You will lose customers within one month. Make sure you mechanics have all it takes to repair cars. Also car spares are very important for your garage. If you begin telling us to first go and buy some spares from other garages and bring them to be fitted from your garage, you might be wasting our time which we don’t want. We would rather go to those garages that even have spares with them. Design a checklist for garage equipment and if possible assign someone to check them every morning and with that you will never run short of equipment.

Advertising and marking your garage business is very important. There is no way people will come to know your garage if you don’t market it. You can design fliers, stickers, and other promotional products which can help you market your business. A lot of businesses take a lot of time to hit their targets because they don’t advertize and hence the only remain with a few traditional customers. Try looking at customers away from your neighborhood, if they hear about your good services they will come to you. To attract customers especially at the start of the business, you may give discounts like on oil change. Advertisement can be done on a wide range like on television, radios, and newspapers. These will help you reach out to masses out there.

Legalization for your garage is very important. Don’t start up an illegal business. People would like to have legitimate services and in case you are not licensed and registered you may find it difficult to get and maintain your customers. You may also need insurance for your garage as customers may fear liability.

If the entire above are observed, you will start up a great garage and you will always have customers. It is important to note that like any other businesses, garage business may take some time to catch up. Therefore you don’t rush it. Start small and grow big.

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