Steps to Follow When Transporting Your Car

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Steps to Follow When Transporting Your Car

There are many steps and procedures you must follow when hiring an auto transport company to move your car. By concentrating on what needs to be done, you will have a stress free experience. There are few steps when transporting your car you should follow. Car shipping is not as complicated, but there are some essential aspects to check on when you are about to transport your car across the state or the country. Here we will concentrate on some main things you need to consider when hiring a car shipping company. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of auto shipping companies out there. Thus, do your research so you know how to find a professional and reliable auto transport company.

Steps when transporting your car:

  • Verify with the auto mover the type of insurance coverage the company has, and if there is uninsured amount. Ask for a copy and carefully read the auto transporter insurance policy.
  • The auto mover has to fill out a Bill of Lading / Inspection Report prior to loading your car for shipping.
  • Check with the car shipping company about their payment methods and practices. Most auto transportation companies will require a booking deposit upfront paid over the phone or online. Have a cashier’s check, money order or cash to pay the auto mover on the pickup / delivery date depending on their policy. Make sure you ask all the details about the payment for shipping your car.
  • Verify your requested pickup and delivery time estimate. Ask when and how you will receive the car shipping agreements in writing and what happens if terms and conditions are not followed through. Make sure you know the how to in any possible scenario when shipping a car, and have all details for understanding the process of auto transport.
  • If you are shipping your vehicle to another country, in order to pick up the vehicle you will be required to pay duties and fees at the customs. The amount is not static, it varies from country to country, but your car shipping company will assist you by updating you on the expected fees. Overseas moving of your car requires some more preparation. Make sure you read additional overseas auto moving tips that will help you get ready to ship your car internationally.
  • Also in respect of customs duty, contact the embassy or local consulate of the country where the car will be sent. Inquire from them about special rules (duty and taxes), restrictions or charges which may be incurred when the car reaches their destination. It is a good idea to check on this because certain countries do not allow the import of some cars. You might be required to pay some fees for this service. You are required to check if door-to-door car delivery is permitted and if not, how much they are going to charge you every day your car parks at the port. You may also need to present some personal documents such as international passport or international driver’s license so as to be allowed to drive your car out of the customs. International car shipping or moving your car across the ocean could be very tiresome and complicated especially if you are a starter. Apart from the shipping cost, it requires quite a lot of paperwork and expect to have additional expenses. Moreover, certain luxury and newer cars may be charged up to 40 percent of the cost price of the vehicle in import taxes. When shipping overseas, make sure you hire international car shipping agents that will take care of everything for you.
  • Furthermore, depending on the car shippers, some may transport cars that are not in good conditions or not running, while others don’t. It is necessary that you inform the car shipping company about the status of the car before handing it over. Transport companies require the presence of the authorized person at the pickup and the delivery to go for a thorough inspection and then sign that he\she has received the car in good condition.

These are some major steps to follow when transporting your car that will be useful when you are moving your car across the US or the ocean. Find more useful information in our Car Shipping tips section or Montway’s FAQ section.

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