How to Beat Summer Highway Construction During Your Move

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National Moving Month may have already passed with the month of May, but that doesn’t mean that moving has stopped. In fact, the Department of Transportation predicts that this year alone nearly 35 million Americans will move. It’s probably safe to assume that most families prefer to move in the summer months when the threat of snow and ice has vanished. However, there is a different obstacle to tackle in the summer: highway road construction.

It seems that no matter where you live, with the warm breeze and blooming flowers also comes the bright orange horses on the road with reduced lanes, and traffic that can make you want to pull your hair out. Can you say stress?! It’s hard enough dealing with highway construction during your everyday commute, but can you imagine dealing with it in the middle of a move in multiple different states? Chances are you don’t even want to.

If you are moving this summer and plan on driving your vehicle to your new home on your own, then you may want to think twice.

Why Choose Car Shipping?

Moving is usually a pretty stressful event- no matter how prepared and organized you are. You may be driving a truck full of your belongings on your own, or you may have hired one. Either way, the last thing you want to think about is how you are going to get your car to your new home as well. Instead of driving, you should use a car shipping company like Montway to ship your car during your move- if only to avoid the construction delays.

Not convinced?

Summer Highway Construction

Does this look like something you want to be a part of after packing up your entire house? Not to mention all of the unpacking you have to do when you get to your new home. It seems as though the only things that can put a damper on a great summer are lane closures, reduced speed limits and tons of built-up traffic. And that is exactly what states all across the country experience when summer highway construction kicks into gear.

While accidents can hold up traffic for miles, they are less frequent than construction on the roads. Nearly every state is putting in some construction work over the summer, and if you have to travel through several states it can make for a lot of headaches. That is why it may be a better idea to send your car off with a car shipping company so you can relax during a plane ride instead.

Expedited Car Moving

If you are traveling on a tight schedule, it shouldn’t be a reason to overlook shipping your car. If you choose Montway as the company to use, you can go expedite your shipment to make sure your car is there when you need it. Since we have been moving cars since 2006, we know what it takes to get the ball rolling so you can have your car picked up and delivered when you need it to be. Keep in mind, though, that highway construction affects truck drivers as well, so if you know you need your car picked up and dropped off on a specific day you should plan well in advance.

Don’t try to deal with the stress and headaches that driving your car cross country can induce. Instead, bi-pass it by using an auto transport company to move it for you.

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