Did you have a favorite Super Bowl ad this year? If you said ‘No.’ you won’t be alone.

Super Bowl is the time when brands are sure to deliver big entertainment at that time of the year. But did they? This year it seems like advertisers deliver nothing but confused, sexiest and unfunny commercials.

Here is what I mean:

Go Daddy:

Stereotyping? Disgusting? A bit disturbing? Are they being provocative here or is it ok to use this type of affection in a commercial? Too many questions I know, but we should think about it. The second Go Daddy ad – many people claim plain stupid. But you know what they have money and this is their way to get attention. So, love it or hate it we talk about them and that is all they want.


How much fun did you have while watching the little girl bribing her dad to play with her? The implication that a dad would not play with is daughter until she bribes him was not fun at all.

Volkswagen “Get Happy” ad:

Did you think it was racial? According to many news media it was. It has been quite controversial . What did you think?

Gildan “Getaway” ad:

It has something to it…but what exactly. Why is everybody betting on sexually revealing ads? Sure when a T-shirt is good we love it and we want it, but there are so many more ways to express that in a commercial.

It Is Time For Something Good

Certainly not all commercials were bad. Some were ok, some better, some kind of funny. Nothing shockingly good tough. But here are the good once.

Our favorite Ads:

Mercedes – Benz “Soul”

Quite an impressive way for Mercedes to unveil the new CLA Class. The idea of selling your soul to the devil for a Mercedes is great because it is an expensive brand. However for this Mercedes you don’t have to sell your soul to nobody.  Go get it, I am definitely considering it, once it is out on the market.

Fiat 500 Abarth

Another good ad that we enjoyed watching. Although it is quite revealing it does serve its purpose to advertise a new product quite elegantly.

Audi “Prom” Ad:

Audi is one of The Brands. Right? I mean we love it. Audis are well engineered German cars and this ad is pretty good in promoting that. Da? Das Auto!

In the end it seems like it is the cars that win…and we don’t mind that.
Agree or disagree with our collection and rating? Share your thoughts in the comments!