The Many Choices of Auto Transportation

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The choices you have when deciding on an automobile transportation truck are many. Obviously, the first choice is an open or closed carrier. But the choices do not stop there. Besides these two types of transportation that are the most common, there are also some differences that we are going to have to talk about.

For starters, you need to think about how many other cars are going to be transported together with yours. If you opt for an open transport trailer truck you are most likely going to have the car transported together with a maximum of 7 other cars. In a sealed container the number of cars is smaller but you can still expect up to 3 other cars to be placed in the same container.

Transporting Luxury Car

In the event that you have a really important car you should seriously consider opting for solo transportation. There are companies that can offer such services but you do have to be prepared to pay a lot more for the services offered. However, you can rest assure that the vehicle is as safe as possible and that you will not have any problem to deal with during the transportation.

Shipping Over Long Distance

Special care will be required when you need to transport a vehicle over a long distance. For instance, when you transport the car to another country there might be a big chance that a boat or plane is going to be used. In this case you have to make sure that everything is handled properly. Unfortunately you will not have much control but you can make sure that everything is properly handled by working with the best possible companies. In addition, you can combine the container option with any type of overseas shipping that is possible at the moment. The container cannot be opened unless during custom checks or when reaching the destination.

Other Important Aspects

Besides how the car is going to be transported, it is also important to think about different other aspects. At a first look the services of one company can seem to be similar to those offered by the competition but they might actually be worse or better. Just because two companies have the same prices for the same tasks does not mean that we have the same quality. You do have to research the company that you are going to sign a deal with. This is because you need to make sure at all times that you are in front of one company that really cares for its customers and the merchandise that is transported.

Better Safe Than Sorry

It is always better to be safe and not sorry that you could have done something and you did not do it. You are recommended to make photos of your vehicle and this is one action that is always recommended by all people that are involved with this industry. Things can go wrong and in the event something bad happens you want to be assured that you will not pay for someone else’s incompetence. Take pictures of the car, time stamp them and add them to the contract that you are to sign. It does not matter what method of transporting your car you will choose. This is definitely something that has to be done at all times. Without security you can end up paying a lot and this is something that will not be pleasant for anybody.

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