The Need for Automobiles

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Automobiles are need for everyone in this world. People use this for transportation purposes and several other reasons like trading of goods and services from one place to another. But the most common reason for the massive use of vehicles is the transportation of passengers from one place to another. People used to travel in their cars and with comfort and ease and they can reach their destinations in very less time. Vehicles basically consist of an engine which controls the overall movement of the body of vehicle. There are seats available in the vehicle for the passengers so that they can sit comfortably, just like sitting on sofas.

There are number of companies which are involved in the production of cars and their services. The demands of cars are increasing each year. According to a survey there are sixty million new cars produced in a new year. The demand has been increased as well and people want to buy more cars because of their great benefits. According to another survey done in US there are more than 243 million registrations of cars users just in the US. This shows the overall importance of automobiles in the whole world and the demand of cars on the international level as well.

There is one more amazing fact that the number of cars just in US for every ten person is seven and a half. Which show the density of cars in the US. Numbers of other countries are also not far away from US in this list. There are so many reasons why people have great interest in cars and automobile industry. Some people like the way of transportation and the benefits gained by this mode of transportation. Some of them like being the owners of cars and keep cars for their pleasure purposes. They like to have luxury and sports cars which are more likely to be used in racing rather than transportation.

Now there is one more amazing fact that more than eight hundred million cars and trucks were estimated in the year 2007. As there are lots of advantages of having automobiles there are some disadvantages as well. People used to consume lot of natural resources for the vehicle. Most of the vehicles in the world are based on gasoline and high speed diesel. There are lot types of oils and they are required to move the cars from one place to another. They are natural resources and first they have to be refined and sent from one place to another.

There are some specific countries which are heavily producing oil resources. But the expenses are for those which are not producing oil. They have to trade oil from one place to another and there are lots of transportation expenses on these. Then the oil is refined and again goes to the pumps and suppliers to distribute it among people. The whole process takes time and other sources to compete and this is how automobile transportation is done.d  he use of carts  estimated in the year 2007.

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