The New Pope .. and his view

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“Pope Francis eschews Pope Mobile in favor of local bus.”

What else should we know about him? A few things.

His name says mucho about him. He does not have a numeral after his name – he is the first of this name and hopefully og his kind. According to CNN article:

“Francis of Assisi is … someone who turned his back on the wealth of his family and the lifestyle he had, and bonded with lepers and the poor,” said the Rev. Thomas Rosica, the Vatican’s deputy spokesman.

They call him the Pope of the people. Will he stick to his initial vision? Be down to the earth and use the public transportation for display it! We can only hope so!

Like everyone else from the Catholic Church he opposes same sex marriage, but as a cardinal he clashed with the Argentinian government over such opposition.

Many challenges are ahead of him and we can only hope he will find the strength and a way to change the negative opinion that has been forming around the world about the Catholic Church.

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