The Ups and Downs of Moving

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The Ups and Downs of Moving

People also often forget how hectic moving is. While it would be ideal if the rest of the world paused while you completed your big move, this is simply not the case. Thus, it is nice to have that extra somebody around to help you carry on with daily life. This may be as simple as answering an important phone call when your hands are full or running to the soccer field to pick up your kids. The final and most important part to these secondary hired hands is the company they will give you.

There are few events in life more stressful, memorable and exciting as moving. You want the experience to be fun and with a few laughs. These people will keep you sane at an otherwise insane time. Do not forget, these people deserve recognition for their work. Often these secondary helpers will not accept your money, so try offering them a few cold beers, a delicious supper or an IOU.

Packing Your Stuff

Packing is what truly separates a happy mover from an overwhelmed one. The cardinal rule to remember here is that it is more than okay to throw stuff out. Your initial feeling will be to keep everything because “you never know when you will need it”. But ignore this. If you haven’t used it in more than a year, then you will not need it this year either. There are of course exceptions to this rule, but try not to make too many. Old college books and binders, clothes that no longer fit and have been collecting dust, stained and topless Tupperware, novelty placemats and coasters, old shoes, and a thousand other odds and ends are garbage. No one ever gets to their new house and says “Dear, do you know where we packed my jeans that no longer fit and have holes in the knees?”

Unpacking can be more stressful than packing!

Never forget that unpacking is always more stressful than packing. This can be changed if you ignore your inner hoarder and throw stuff out. People will often dedicate an entire room at their new house to forever unpacked boxes from their previous move. Your new house should not be used as a place to store your old houses garbage. One could argue that with a large family it is hard to know what garbage is and what is still often used. The key here is to properly manage your family’s emotions during the moving process.

Children Toys and Clothes

Children hate throwing out old toys and clothes, but you must be adamant that new toys and clothes will replace the old ones and that they will not miss their once cherished Barbie Dream Home. Always remember to stay considerate of one another’s feelings toward a particular object.

You need to be able to tell the difference between someone wanting to hold onto something for nostalgia and someone wanting to hold onto something because it has legitimate significance to them. Communication between one another will keep everyone happily packing and working and will spare any significantly hurt feelings when the boxes get unpacked.

Moving in should be easier than moving out. It should be exciting and rewarding. If you follow the rules above, getting yourself into your new home will be as easy as opening the front door.