Things to Consider When Moving your Automobile

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There are certain questions that you should ask yourself before putting your trust into your vehicle transport company. Not knowing or having trouble answering these questions means you shouldn’t drop your automobile off at the door of your car shipping company just yet. Having the proper knowledge concerning this whole process will spare you further complications and waste of money.

One of the primary questions involving car shipping revolves around the time period that’s necessary for this process to be successfully completed. Usually, a shipment takes a few weeks and sometimes even less than two weeks. Keep in mind that truck transport drivers are obliged by the federal law not to surpass the limit of 550 miles a day, which also includes the stops that the driver makes along the way. Also, they are not allowed to perform complete 7 days a week shipments because they are obliged to take a day off to rest, and at every two weeks they have to take even more time off their duty.

Keep in mind that during transportation, drivers may have to face technical difficulties, bad weather and other external factors that might intervene when being on the road. Check your car shipping company’s regulations to see if their way of handling such interferences can affect your own schedule.

Ask yourself if the auto carrier that comes to pick up your car will be the same one taking it cross-country to have it shipped to you at the other terminal. When your car is being sent to the first terminal, it might sit there for a few days in case a different driver has to arrive to perform this task. Things can also be delayed if your car arrives at a cross dock where it needs to wait before another driver comes to continue the transportation. This might take even a few days.

The time necessary for a typical car shipment may not be the same as in the case with non-standard vehicles such as over-sized cars, specialty vehicles, etc., not to mention in the case of rough terrain, hard accessible areas and so on. Any additional information about auto transportation is precious when you have your car being handled by someone else for miles and miles.

If you think you can leave your car the way it is and drop it off to your auto moving company, think again. There are must-have preparations that need to be done in order to avoid any damage or complications that might occur during shipping. Don’t leave personal belongings inside your vehicle as the company might charge you an extra fee for exceeding the standard weight, not to mention that most auto transport insurances don’t cover the eventual damage that might happen to your personal items or to the body of your car. Leave no more than a quarter of gas in the tank since more can become hazardous and make the vehicle heavier. If there is less gas than this exact amount, it might not be enough for the driver to deliver your car on and off the transportation truck.

Also, inspect the condition of your car for any pre-existing damage, so you won’t have to make a great deal of fuss in case you have your car delivered to you with a tear that you have forgotten about.

The cost of the transportation will most likely change according to a few aspects of your car and the type of shipping that you opt for. Factors like car type, weight, type of transportation truck, guaranteed pick up dates and delivery dates might all increase the overall cost of the car shipping.

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