7 Tips for Buying a Car at Auction

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With the low inventory of used cars in the market, finding your ideal vehicle has become more challenging. Today’s buyers are now exploring public auctions as a way to find their next used cars. But bidding against dealers who have more experience at these events can be intimidating—although worth it as many individuals who buy cars at auction report spending less than what they’d pay at a dealership or through a private sale, especially at larger auctions. 

Remember, if you buy a car at auction, you may need reliable auto transport to make sure you can get your vehicle home safely. 

If you’re new to attending a public car auction, here are seven helpful tips for buying a car at auction:  

  1. Research market prices
    With a short supply of new and used cars, wholesale prices seem to change on a daily basis. Make sure you research current market prices for your top vehicle picks to know a deal when you see it and have the confidence to walk away if the bidding goes too high (see tip #6). 
  2. Know your budget
    Make sure to review the inventory list of the vehicles being shown at auction. There may be hundreds to choose from and you’ll want to make sure that you’re spending your time and energy on the vehicles that fit into your budget. Part of that budget should include auto transportation costs if needed to get your potential new purchase back home. 
  3. Inspect your target vehicles
    Once you identify the cars that fit into your budget you want to make sure that those vehicles pass an inspection checklist. Things to include on your checklist are worn tires, fluid leaks, physical damage, etc. Keep in mind that many auctions do not let you start the vehicle or even go inside them. If the auction is online, you obviously will not be able to conduct an in-person inspection. 
  1. Understand the purchase terms
    Is a deposit required? If so, how much? Is it cash only? When is the full payment required on a winning bid? Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before placing that bid. 
  2. Don’t bid too soon
    Auctioneers start many lots with a higher initial price. This serves as an entry point and if the auctioneer can’t get anyone to initially bid, they will ask for a starting price. This is generally how things work, so be patient not to jump in too soon and bid more than you initially have to. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to walk
    This seems the easiest and most logical thing to remember, but in practice, it is one of the hardest things to do. People get caught up emotionally with the excitement of the auction and fall in love with a vehicle that they just have to have. Just remember that auto auctions are held quite regularly, so if you don’t get the deal you were looking for, another auction is most likely right around the corner. Of course, if the vehicle you have targeted is rare, walking away may be a tough thing to do! 
  4. Have a plan for dependable auto transport
    You may not want to drive your vehicle home, especially if it’s a luxury model or a classic car. Or maybe you drove yourself to the auction and didn’t bring a car trailer. Using a reputable auto transport company can take away the stress of transporting your vehicle and get your auction purchase home safely. Here’s how auto transport works

An auto auction can be a great experience for those looking for a different way to buy a car. Just know what you’re getting yourself into and try to enjoy the experience.   

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