Tips for Moving Cross Country

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Many things need to be taken care of before, during, and after a cross-country move. In this article, we will discuss what should take place when you are faced with a cross country move.


The most time consuming part of a move is the packing and subsequent unpacking. I had everything from sofas to bicycles to the store. The packing paper was essential to wrapping the breakable items such as glasses, plates, knick-knacks & picture frames.

Anything that could be packed in a box but had the potential of breaking was wrapped carefully in two layers of paper. There is a method to this which after the tenth box, I mastered. It was roll, fold and pack. Also, it has been recommended by professional movers not to pack the items too tightly, so I took this into account as well.

Taking time to pack carefully is not easy especially when you are on a tight timeline to move. Packing a little at a time is a good idea so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming.

As well, labeling the boxes is very important. It makes it so much easier upon arrival to the new city knowing what is inside each box. Unpacking becomes more organized. Also it is a good idea to make note of how many boxes have to be shipped if movers are involved so that everything can be accounted for when delivered.

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Vehicle Readiness

Experienced long-distance drivers such as truckers always have their vehicles checked before going onto the road. It’s wise to do this with the car or in whatever you plan to travel over 1000 kilometers. I took my Ford in for a tune-up, which included an oil change and then I felt more comfortable to take the journey.

The Road

Know your road map. I was able to plan the course of the journey with my Dad who was traveling back as well. We drove from the 401 East in Toronto having left early in the morning, to Ottawa and then stopped to overnight. The next day we drove from Ottawa to Quebec, to New Brunswick and then another overnight in a hotel. Finally, the last leg of the trip was to drive from New Brunswick straight on to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The drive can be done non-stop in 17- 19 hours depending on your driving speed. We felt better doing this trip in two days.

Final Words

Cross-country relocation will usually create some stress. But investigating both options of storage or selling your accumulated possessions is the first step for consideration. And it is beneficial to have the proper tools to store your favorite flat iron, or soccer trophy by purchasing items such as corrugated boxes, packing wrap and packing tape to make the task easier to accomplish.

Ensuring that your vehicle is ready for the long journey is definitely not something to overlook. Also, plan your route in advance even if you have GPS and there will be less danger of going astray. Moving long distance can be challenging but with preparation and planning the journey will become a welcome adventure with the promise of residing in a brand, new location.

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