Tips on Selecting an Auto Transport Company

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When selecting an auto moving company, you should compare a few established companies to find the best one that will get the job done the right way. However, this does not mean that a newly established auto transport companies do not have experience or do not deliver excellent services. In fact, more often starter companies realize more than any other the importance of excellent customer service and they offer it. So, very often some new companies deliver better services then some older companies. Great service comes from experienced staff members ready to help the customer and provide personalized approach.  Many newly established car shipping companies hire experience and enthusiastic team members who deliver value services.

How to choose an auto transport company?

  • When you are choosing an auto transport service consider their facilities. This is very important because the safety of your car depends on the quality of the vessel used for the delivery. If the company does not have quality auto transporters then you should check other companies as well.
  • Use only registered with the USDOT car shipping company! You can go through car mover’s directory online or just visit the USDOT website and do a search for the company. The directory will provide you with the list of registered auto transporters. Most legitimate car transport companies will have their USDOT number listed on their website, which will make it easier for you to verify their licensing with the US Department of Transportation.
  • Verify the auto transport company’s insurance policy. In case of accidents you need to be sure they have an insurance in place that will cover any damages. Ask the company’s representative to email or fax you their insurance coverage agreement.  You should also check with your insurance and verify your policy and kind of damages it covers. You can never tell what might happen on the road, so insurance is a very important.

Get Car Transport Quotes! Read Reviews!

Getting quote from different companies is the best way to find the best car shipping rate and compare services. You do not need to empty your pocket before you get quality and excellent services. There are some auto transport companies that provide excellent services at affordable prices. You can find those companies online easily today. Most offer free car transport quotes online and have a description of their services on their websites. You should not jump right on with the first car transporter that comes your way. Do not be afraid to get as many quotes as possible. Compare all rates and services and then read auto transport reviews. This has become an essential part when researching vehicle shipping companies.

When looking for an auto transporter make sure that you are trusting your car in the hands of a reliable auto transport company. The price is not the only important aspect when comparing companies. Find out what other customers are saying about the services and rates, and their policies and practices. A very low price cold be a red flag which means a possible car shipping scam lies ahead, so check out the companies reputation before agreeing to their auto transport terms and conditions.

Pass this painstaking research phase, everything should be smooth and easy because you will surely get a good auto transport company to ship your car.

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