Tips to Follow when you Hire an Auto Transportation Company

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Research involves a lot of procedures that can be easily done if keenness is applied. Thus, where do you start when you need to transport your car across the ocean to another country? Don’t bother calling the port to ask some of the basic details since this article will be detailing them bit by bit.

What Type of Service Do I Need?

When choosing which method to use in transporting your vehicle to another country, you will definitely come across two terms that are commonly used – Open and Enclosed car shipment methods.

Open car shipping method simply involves the shipment of cars or goods using trucks. In the case of cars, a truck is able to carry up to twelve vehicles at once. The vehicles are transported directly to the location specified by the customers or to the main pick-up point of the company. This method is commonly used if the countries involved are based in the same region.

So What About Distant Destinations?

Enclosed method is involved in such a case. Enclosed car shipping involves vehicles being loaded into containers that are later on craned to ships or vessels. This process is by far the most common method used to transport vehicles to far away destinations or across the ocean. Airplanes are also used for faster deliveries and are expensive compared to the rest of the shipping methods.

What To Do To Transport My Car?

Back to the paperwork, what procedures does one undergo in order to move a car to another country? Mostly the paperwork procedure kicks off at the company you are about to use for moving your car to another country. This is the base line where it all starts. Before the auto transportation company of your choice moves your car, an inspection is carried out by you and the company to ensure the asses of your car.

This is done to ensure that your car arrives at your desired destination 100% as it was before the transportation took place. Both parties are involved in this procedure. After the inspection is complete, you sign a document that acts as the only record you have of your car’s state before export. In case your car arrives with damage that wasn’t present before transportation, you are liable for payment by the transportation company or from your insurer. Most of the auto transport companies offer their own insurance policies if any damage is done to your car in the process of moving it to another country.

Dealing With Customs

The hardest part comes when handling customs at the port of your desired destination. Moving your car to another country is almost complete once clearance at the port is done. It is a long process that many wish to avoid. It is avoidable nowadays with the help of auto transport companies. The companies have broker agents at the port who easily do the paper processing for you at ease. The agents are handy especially for those who are moving their cars to another country for the first time and those who wish to skip the paperwork.

Moving your car to another country is as easy as a click. Traditionally many people think that it involves a lot of processes and you need to research the right auto moving company. This kind of theory makes many avoid the importation of cars from other countries as well. Thanks to auto transport companies and other importers, this has been simplified. People are now able to move cars across borders and waters with ease. However, finding a reliable car transportation company could be a challenge some time. Therefore, whenever you have any more questions though simply call an auto transportation company and they will give you all the details.

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