2019’s Top Celebrity Cars

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From the prestigious Maserati to the notorious Bugatti Veyron, everybody loves to look at jaw-dropping automobiles. But you know who likes to look at them the most? The people that can afford them. 

Keep scrolling to see some of this year’s finest (and fastest) celebrity cars from 2019.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

Car: Stretch Bentley Limo

If you follow social media in any capacity, it’s no secret that celebrities like to show off their expensive cars. And there’s no better example of showing off wealth than boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.  

Mayweather added to his knockout lineup of cars with a trio of “new toys” to his collection. On top of increasing his Rolls Royce total to seven, Mayweather is also just one of two proud owners to the ultra-modern Koenigsegg CCXR.

Joe Jonas 

Car: 1964 Ford Falcon

Joe Jonas had West Coast Customs redesign his 1964 Ford Falcon. It looks pretty fresh for a 55-year-old car. 

Kevin Hart 

Car: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

Kevin Hart recently posted about his custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. It supposedly produces a nasty 720 horsepower.

Niko “BabyFace” Valdes

Car: Tesla Model X

Mayweather isn’t the only boxer with impressive wheels in his garage. Niko “BabyFace” Valdes posted this photo at West Coast Customs a couple of months ago.  

Odell Beckham Jr. 

Car: 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Dreamworks Motorsports made this 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan strictly for new Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. 

It has custom painted 26” Forgiato wheels, floating Rolls-Royce center caps, dog pound orange wrap and a custom hood emblem. Quite the entrance to your new home, wouldn’t you say?

Post Malone

If you look at the West Coast Customs page on Instagram, you’ll see that one of their favorite musicians (or people in general) is Post Malone.

Rich the Kid

Another prominent hip-hop customer of West Coast Customs is Rich the Kid. Here’s the famous musician just a few weeks ago with his Lamborghini Urus.

Tracy Morgan

Car: Bugatti

Tracy Morgan bought a new Bugatti this year. He felt great driving his new Bugatti for all of about 60 minutes. Then this happened…

Cristiano Ronaldo

Car: Ferrari LaFerrari 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous Portuguese football player. According to Forbes, he was the highest-paid athlete in 2016 and 2017. Maybe you already knew that.

What you might not have known? Ronaldo also owns one of the most expensive cars in the world. 

According to FinanceNancy.com, “This is none other than the LaFerrari 2014 which, with its more than 217mph capacity, is also one of the fastest cars ever made. The Real Madrid  player was already known for his fascination with supercars considering that he has always been spotted riding the latest and best cars in the market.”  – FinanceNancy.com 

His LaFerrari 2014, to be exact, is actually the third most expensive car in the world. It supposedly cost him $2.6 million. 

Photo courtesy of Flickr, ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

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