Top Long Distance Moving Trends in 2016

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America is always on the move. The data related to relocations in the U.S. shows that 70% of all moves are related to domestic long distance moves, and 30% are related to auto transport. And all of these residents who are relocating need a reputable long distance moving company to help plan and implement a successful relocation. That’s why our partners from Global Van Lines share with us some interesting and useful insights.

Who is Moving Where?

What does the data from the last U.S. Census suggest about moving trends? A look at the population projections show that the South and West continue to attract new residents. In addition, smaller cities with a lower cost of living than many of the larger metropolitan regions are proving to be a draw, even in states that may otherwise be losing population overall, such as Minnesota, Michigan, and Ohio.

Which Cities are Gaining Residents?

Many Millennials are leaving cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago for places with a good reputation for livability, places with good schools, walkability ratings, parks, and other amenities. Who are the big winners?

The state of Texas gained population in 2015 with an addition of 490,000 residents, and the trend is expected to be the same as 2016 winds down. Four metro areas added 412,000 residents in the 12 months between July 2014 and July 2015. Houston added 159,000, and Dallas-Fort Worth added 145,00 residents. Considering that Miami has a population of 430,000, Texas essentially added another entire city of people.

Overall, the country’s 381 metropolitan regions have approximately 275 million residents, and 285 of those regions sustained growth.

Growth at the County Level

Net growth at the county level is also interesting. Population changes result from a variety of ways: births, deaths, and relocations. So, which counties gained or lost in the population game? The fastest growing counties were primarily in the South and West, including Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, and Houston. However, El Paso, Texas lost residents.

While it may seem as if the entire United States is packing up and moving to Florida or Texas, other states have gained residents as well. Here’s the full list and net gains in residents:

  1. Texas: 106,216
  2. Florida: 54,524
  3. Colorado: 18,819
  4. Washington: 16,438
  5. South Carolina: 13,613
  6. North Carolina: 12,493
  7. Arizona: 11,961
  8. Oregon: 11,250
  9. Nevada: 9,193
  10. Tennessee: 8,248

Based on the information, it seems that more people are moving for a better way of life, although moving for a job continues to rank high as well.

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