Transport Pick Up and Delivery of an Infiniti G37

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Transport Pick Up and Delivery of an Infiniti G37

When it comes to handling another person’s vehicle, you can never be too careful, right? That is why the truck driver of this transport truck takes his time loading and unloading this 2011 Infiniti G37 from the truck. When the car is picked up he slowly drives it onto the truck, and on the other side he very carefully backs the car out.

This G37 in particular was shipped from Kenilworth, Ill. to Longboat Key, Fla. It was shipped at the end of January, so we’re thinking this customer either moved or went on vacation and wanted to have their vehicle there with them. They could also be a snowbird heading south a bit late to enjoy the winter in a warmer climate. Either way, you can see the difference in weather from the video! The sky is grey and gloomy in winter-struck Illinois, and sunny and bright over in Florida.

We’d like to wager that come January, we are going to be wishing we were in Florida with this G37 too!

Watch this customer’s video of their Infiniti G37

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