Understanding the Process of Auto Transport

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When it comes to moving your automobile to another state or country, it is important to understand all that is involved. For example, if your vehicle is big in size like the large SUVs that are known to have weight that equals the weight of two cars then you will be required to pay more. If your vehicle is small and probably weighs less you will pay less. It is advantageous to use this method if in case you have more than one car to transport. It will actually save you the agony of having to organize for the transportation of both cars separately.

Solo Transportation

As implicit from the name, in this type of auto ship only a car is put in a carrier. Anybody using this means of transportation must know that it might be a little expensive if you are employing the services of an auto shipping company. Most cars transported alone by auto transporters are always carried on special containers. Some companies might not use a truck for this method but another vehicle with a trailer.

Such trailers are always open. Trailer in which your car is kept is normally attached to the vehicle. Some people who are known to move a lot always have their own trailer that they use. Such people also have more than one car and they usually use one of their cars to pull the trailer which in turn is carrying another car.

Auto transport companies which offer solo transportation of cars in closed trucks are known to charge higher rates for such method. The method is very advantageous as your car will always reach its destination exactly the way it was from the point where it was taken. When your vehicle is transported in an open trailer it will definitely pass through the same conditions as if you were driving it by yourself or as if somebody else was driving it.

This is because it will be exposed to such conditions as rain, dust and snow. Cars being transported alone in enclosed containers don’t get exposed to such conditions and this is one of the advantages involved with this method. Now that we know that cars can be transported solo or in a group in either closed or open trucks, let’s look at some different options that one can use to transport his or her car.

Transporting Your Car While Covered

While most people ignore transporting their cars in closed trucks due to the high cost involved with the method, some people prefer letting their cars be transported by open trailers but have them covered using car covers. Even though this method will not fully protect your car from extreme conditions such as massive hailstones it will reduce the effects involved with such conditions. This method is advantageous because it provides you a much cheaper way of transporting your car without worrying about things like dust settling on your car.

Transporting Your Car Uncovered

Transportation of cars uncovered by the use open trailer is the most common way used in the US. Most people don’t find it necessary covering their cars simply because for them there is no need of doing that. Some also opt for that simply because they don’t have car covers. This method sometimes can be very disadvantageous to the shipping companies as a car might get scratched by an external protruding object during transportation and they might have to compensate the owner for the damages involved.

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