Unloading a 2011 VW Golf #VIDEO

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Unloading a 2011 VW Golf #VIDEO

Sometimes when you see an open auto transport truck on the road you think to yourself, “How in the world did they get those cars on that truck?” Some of the cars are facing down, some are facing up and others just look like they can tumble right off. Thankfully, they won’t fall off, but how did the driver get them on there in the first place? We’d like to say with a lot of style and grace, but in this customer video you can actually see that it is quite easy to position these vehicles.

The black 2011 VW Golf you see being unloaded here was transported from Arabi, La. to San Francisco, Calif. in just seven days. You can see how the driver has to lift up the back of the vehicle so that it can easily drive off the ramp. The car right above it looks like it is going to drive right into the ground, but in order to make these vehicles fit on the transport they have to be positioned in ways that may look a bit odd. This car here was delivered safely and the customer was satisfied with their transport.

Drivers get these cars on and off the transport truck

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