Unpacking Car Shipping Prices for the Savvy Consumer

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When it’s a must that you move your vehicle over long distances, it all comes down to timely information regarding quality service and affordable prices. According to AAA, the average cost of gas has risen forty cents compared to a month ago. As consumers, we’re all trying to grapple with the continuous rise of gas prices and how it affects shipping costs.

When moving your vehicle, it’s good to have the information that you need at the click of a button, up-front prices with the assurance that there won’t be any hidden fees.

Our Own Price Comparison Project

Recently, we did our own price comparison analysis and user-friendliness of various shipping companies’ websites. What we found was that Montway’s low cost pricing and user friendly website was second to none.  Our shipping is safe and affordable – we also give you all the information needed to make the process quick and easy.

In our quest for comparative pricing, we contacted several national companies. Our mock shipment was for a 2012 Audi TT RS. We checked out prices shipping from Chicago to various locations, such as, Niagara Falls, NY, Charleston, SC and Mississauga, Canada.

At the completion of this article, several companies still have yet to get back to us. This says a lot about the timeliness of their service. It was also very difficult to navigate many other websites. For many of them, we had to send our private contact information, such as our name and email address, and wait for a response.

Our Conslusion

Of our competitors who offered a more timely response, domestic shipment prices from Chicago to South Carolina ranged anywhere from $625 – $975 “based on current fuel costs.” At Montway the cost summary is provided online, when you ask for it. Our cost for shipping the same car to the same location, the 2012 Audi TT RS to South Carolina from Chicago, is $739.

Montway’s domestic cost for shipping this same car to Niagara Falls, NY was $529. In addition to these very reasonable shipping prices, our services are bonded and insured with a money-back guarantee.

Finally, we saw a huge gap in the pricing provided companies for international shipping. Quotes from Chicago to Mississauga, Ontario ranged in price from $945 – $1,995. One competitor even delivered two contradicting quotes for an international delivery of our mock car. One quote for $1,245 and the other for $1,995 – with no explanation as to why there was a variance in prices for the shipment.

What remains clear is that there continues to be a need for Montway’s superior service and low prices. With Montway you know what you’re getting right from the start. There’s no need to look any further, our price quotes and our level of service can’t be beat.

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