Using an Auto Carrier to Move your Car

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An auto transportation company makes use of auto carriers in transporting cars from one place to another. There are two types of auto carriers available, namely, open auto carrier and enclosed auto carrier.

Open auto carrier is a type of auto carrier that can carrier many vehicles at the same time in an open vehicle. This type of auto carrier is very cheap and that is why many people go for it. However, it has also some disadvantages which you have to consider before opting for it.

As you can decipher from the name, the vehicles are not covered and so they are exposed to the element of weather such as rain, snow, hail, and even dust. So, it is not all that a secure means of transporting cars. The cars can easily be scratched. If you have a luxury car, you should use this type of carrier in transporting it. Another disadvantage of open carrier is that it is time consuming. As the auto carrier is carrying a great number of vehicles at the same time, the movement will be very sluggish. Besides, it can stop at many locations in order to drop some of the cars before it gets to the final destination. So, if you need your car urgently, you may look for another alternative or employ for the services weeks before you will need the car.

Enclosed Auto Carriers

This is a direct opposite of the open auto carrier. Here only a few vehicles are carried by the auto carrier but in an enclosed container. The number of cars to be carried depends on the amount paid by the client. However, it cannot carry more than five vehicles at the same time. If you have the money, you can transport one car in a container. The problem with this type of carrier is that it is very expensive. It is not everybody that can afford it. However, the cars are protected from the element of weather and the movement is faster than that of open auto carrier since only a few vehicles are being carried.


There are some airplanes that can transport car. The auto transport company has to liaise with the airplane management for the transportation of cars through their airplanes. It is the most secure means of auto transport and the fastest. If you need your car urgently or even the same day you can opt for this service. However, it is very expensive. Only the big heads in the society can afford such services. It is a good option if you are attending a conference and you will like to use your car.

Train Racks

Automobiles can also be moved through trains. Moving a vehicle through the train can be very expensive, fast and secure but it cannot be compared with the airplane in any of these aspects.


If you are moving a car to a foreign country, then going through the high sea via the ship is the best alternative. The airplane can also be used but it is extremely expensive.

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