Video Inspection Before Shipping a Vehicle

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Video Inspection Before Shipping a Vehicle

When you are shipping a car being organized is really important. Preparing yourself and your vehicle will set you up for a good experience. A very important element when transporting a vehicle is inspecting it before loading.

Our customers here shipped his 2001 Isuzu VehiCROSS with us in November 2012. His car was picked up Nov 21st and delivered Nov 26th. Transport from NC to MA was arranged in a a few days. He was very considered and did a thorough inspection of his vehicle before shipping it. Moreover, he filmed the whole inspection which is one of the best ways to do  vehicle inspection before shipping. This is a video proof, in your hands, of the condition of the car the day of the loading which will then help you compare the condition at the day of delivery.

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Montway has been collecting and creating helpful videos about the auto transport industry and how the process works in order to help our customers. The auto shipping process seems easy but in fact it requires quite some organization and preparation. Filming the inspection or the loading of your vehicle is a great approach to capture the process. We are thankful to our customers who gladly join our efforts and help us compile a collection of informative videos.