ABC of Shipping a Vintage Car

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Look at this car, isn’t it a beauty? What is the first word that comes to your mind? Vintage? Yes, it carries the flavor of the past and knows history in its lines and the sound of its engine. Some stories you can read from it and some will always be kept secret; this is part of its sentimental value. This car is a treasure which you want to take care of and make sure there’s not a scratch on its surface. You proudly show off your possession to your friends and maybe sometimes you take it out for a ride. On such rides, you may catch the envious glances of others as you drive along. This car is your pride. It is your prize. It is your treasure.

Vintage Buick Blackhawk

You are so proud of your possession (Buick Blackhawk for example) that you decided it is time the rest of the world knew of its existence. You take it to a car show which is quite a distance from where you live. Moving your vintage car can become quite an ordeal if you don’t make all the necessary arrangements in advance. There are a lot of car movers that specialize in vintage vehicle transportation, but shipping a vintage car is not like shipping any other car so, make sure you have chosen a reliable car shipping company.

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What You Should Know About Shipping Vintage Cars

Shipping a vintage car is not like shipping any other car, so when choosing a shipping company to transport your vintage vehicle make sure they have adequate assets to ship it. Verify they have all the necessary licensing and insurance for your car. Typically the insurance coverage should be more than for a regular vehicle since your vintage car is irreplaceable. Make sure to request a copy of the shipping company’s car insurance certificate before you finalize the shipping of your car and check to see if there is any deductible you will be required to pay in case any damage occurs. Everything pertaining to the shipping of your vintage vehicle should be in writing.

As with most cars, car movers will offer a choice of open or enclosed car shipping for your vintage vehicle. Open truck options are less costly (usually 25% to 50% less), but not recommended since they will expose your car to various elements and weather wear and tear. You invested your soul into maintaining your vintage car, so you would want to do it right when it comes to transporting it.

Enclosed car carrier trailers offer more protection and peace of mind to you as the owner of your unique car. In addition, it is recommended that non-stacking car trailers are used for transporting a vintage vehicle as oil may drip from cars on the upper deck and damage the ones below.

  • Once your car has been picked up by a driver from your shipping company you should receive an original inspection report that documents the original condition of your car at the time of pick up, pre-existing scratches or dents, current paint condition, etc. Keep this report until you receive the vehicle and if you are not the person receiving it at the time of delivery, make sure to provide that designated person with a copy of the report you received at pick up.
  • When the car arrives make sure to do the complete inspection of your vintage car. Check for any mechanical or cosmetic damage, look underneath the car. If you find any damage that was not noted on the original report make sure to document it with the picture and have the delivery driver sign it so you can take it up with the car shipping company later.

Well, hopefully your precious vintage car made it to its final destination safe. It’s ready to parade around with its vintage fellas and maybe even take a grand prize. You took good care of it, so did your vintage car shipping company. Enjoy!

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