I want to buy … Guess what or Ask Google!

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I want to buy … Guess what or Ask Google!

What do we want to buy the most?  The Tendency According to Google…

It’s pretty easy to tell what people want nowadays! Just ask Google. Today more than ever before, when you think of doing research you first think of Google. Unfortunately, for many students that’s the first and best approach. Not to say that there is no great info out there on the internet, but it’s not always as great as we may think it is. But this is a topic for another discussion.

What we want to talk about today is what people buy the most and respectively search the most… on Google. I was going also to talk a bit about what we want the most, according to Google, but it will require more than just a paragraph. Just type in ‘I want to.. ‘ hit space after the ‘to’ and check out the results. Feel free to share yours as they might be different because your search history and whether you are logged in your Google account or not will affect them.

Let’s talk about what we want to buy the most.

Huh, I just typed in ‘I want to buy a ‘ hit space and my Google suggestions are the following:

  1. I want to buy a car
  2. I want to buy a gun
  3. I want to buy a monkey

We will discuss those later. First, I want to share the search results I got a month ago. They were the following:

  1. I want to buy a house
  2. I want to buy a car
  3. I want to buy a gun

What do you think about this Google search suggests?

These are the search terms I wanted originally to share and discuss. Before we needed surveys and testing groups to discover what people want to buy the most, today we need to check out Google Suggest and Google Trends. But this specific tendency we see above reveals something…disturbing may be or quite normal in fact? Share your thoughts on this. We need more then Google here to discover what is behind those searches. We need to talk to some of you out there…doing these searches.

All the ‘wants’ separately sound pretty standard for most Americans, including the gun. But actually, these three particularly in this order, are also pretty… standard for the average American searcher.

Why do they want to first buy a house, then buy a car and lastly buy a gun?

Almost 70% of the Americans own their houses and 90% drive cars. People buy cars every day. We work with many dealerships and looking at the demand for our auto transport services we can confirm that people are buying cars. The gun ownership percentage is lower – approximately 47 % of the Americans own guns. This number has been growing steadily over the past two decades though. Whether this is good or bad I don’t want to comment. I am just sharing statistics.

So, maybe we want to buy a house, a car and a gun simply because this is the tendency. We would love to suggest –  buy more cars (we can deliver a car anywhere in the US :)), and travel more. Travel around the country, and around the world. Don’t buy a house to turn it into your fortress, wrapped around with alarm systems and cameras, and don’t buy a gun to protect yourself and family locked up in this same house. A house, a car and a gun is what the average American searcher is looking for, according to Google, but it should not be. Don’t you think?

Do you want to buy a car or a house more? Or you feel like buying a gun and a car? Hopefully, in the best case scenario you will choose a house and a car.

Let us know what of these three you would buy. What do you think about this Google search tendency? Isn’t it creepy? Or it’s normal?

Someone once said, ‘People don’t know what they want until you give it to them.” Very interesting and … quite probable.