What to know when Buying a Salvage Car

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Salvage cars are vehicles that have been in accidents and the cost of repairing them is greater than buying them from the salvage car lots. These cars are bought for their parts or that someone tries to fix them so they are drivable again. When you buy a salvage car, a title named a salvage title lets a buyer know that it has been in a serious accident.

Steps in Buying a Salvage Car:

1) You can find salvage cars at lots or shop online for one.

2) Have a mechanic check the salvage car and to advise you if it is in working condition or not. Have him inspect the parts if you are going to part it out, he can tell you if they are good or not.

3) Make sure that you have cash for the sale of the vehicle.

4) Have transportation ready for the car. You are responsible for all costs related to this.

5) You must go through the inspection process. Go to the DMV before driving a restored salvage car. The state will provide a salvage inspection in order to allow you to drive the vehicle.

What is a Salvage Title?

A salvage title is a title that states that the car that was rebuilt and has been in a terrible accident that totaled the car out. It is given for vehicles that are in running condition.

Buying a Salvage Car

A salvage car dealer should have vehicles that can be rebuilt and parted out. They would have mechanics on duty that will take parts off the vehicle for the restorer, car collector and so forth. A Salvage car company can lead you in the right direction of insurance companies, auction companies, body shops, and so forth.

Decide what make and model of salvage car you want and what luxuries you want like leather seats, stereo, gas mileage and so forth. Then find a Salvage dealer that you like and see what they have on hand. A dealer online they would probably have photos of cars and what they cost. Find out what body shop the salvage dealer does business with and give them a call.

Call the body shop and inform them of the style of car you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend including the cost of the salvage car and the repairs. Make it clear that you do not want a flooded vehicle or a bent frame.

The salvage dealer will search for the kind of car that you desire or you could call the salvage dealer and tell him that you have found a car for a certain amount and ask what the repair cost would be. If the cost is too high then continue looking. When the salvage dealer finds the right vehicle then the time is right to buy. After buying the vehicle, the body shop does their magic and the car is done. It must pass inspection before it can be licensed.

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