When to Transport Your Car

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If you are preparing to transport your car, it will be better for you to do so during the seasons when the weather is climate is warm, like during the summer season. However, if it is inevitable that you must transport your car during those seasons when the weather is not always favorable, you have to start on time to make arrangement for that. It will be better for you to start a month in advance so that no matter what happen, you will get your car on time.

Road Conditions

The road condition is another factor that can affect the delivery time of auto shipping company. Just think of the number of times you are delayed by some hours in traffic jam when you are going to work or to any other place. Definitely, you are not the only motorist who have experienced such situation before. The auto shipping companies are also making use of the same road. Unexpected or unforeseen traffic condition can delay the movement of auto shipping company and this will cause a delay in their delivery time.

Besides the traffic condition, bad roads can affect the delivery time of auto shipping company especially if they are conveying cars to remote places that have unpaved roads.

Unforeseen Mechanical Faults

Vehicles are machines and every machine is man made. One of the characteristics of machines is that they can breakdown as a result of wear. Sometimes, vehicles can develop problems unexpectedly even when they are new. Many people have been disappointed by the vehicles even when they least anticipated that. The same unfortunate incidence can also happen to auto shipping. There is the possibility of a trailer well-loaded with car to breakdown on the way as it transporting cars to the different destination. Nobody bargains for that but it can happen unexpectedly. Such a thing can affect the delivery time of auto shipping company.

The Type of Carrier that is Used

Basically, there are two types of carrier that auto shipping companies are using, namely, open carrier and enclosed carrier. The open carrier carries a lot of cars and while enclosed carrier conveys not more than 5 cars at the same time. The number of cars a carrier is transporting at the same time can affect the delivery time of the carrier. Normally, cars going towards the same location are loaded in the same carrier.

The driver will be delivering them one after the other in each of their location until the last car is conveyed to last terminal. So, if a carrier is carrying many cars going to different terminals, there is the possibility that the delivery time will be delayed. The above explains why open carry sometimes takes longer delivery time than enclosed carrier.

The Distance to be Covered

This is another factor that can affect the delivery time of auto shipping company. If the distance is far, the delivery time may be affected because there is the possibility of the driver stopping at interval in order to rest or to stretch before continuing with the trip.

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