Why You Should Use a Car Transport Company

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Why You Should Use a Car Transport Company

Transporting your car is a difficult task. You can only think of driving the car by yourself if you are trained for such type of driving. If you are not trained for such type of driving or you have not driven for a long distance before, you should not attempt that. The auto moving company has professional drivers trained for long distance driving. Besides, sometimes, it is not only one driver that will drive throughout the journey. There may be two or even more drivers in a journey depending on the distance to be covered. They will be driving in turns. Once a driver becomes tired another one will take over the steering.

There are two types of vessels or carriers used by the auto moving transport companies. It is advisable for you to know the difference between these two types of vessel. There is open transport vessel and also enclosed transport vessel.

Open Transport

Open transport system, the cars are packed in an open carrier. There are many cars that are being transported at the same time. This means of transporting a car is less expensive because many cars are being transported at the same time. However, there are some disadvantages associated with this system. In the first instance, the vessel carrying the vehicles is an open one. So the vehicles are exposed to different kinds of weather conditions throughout the duration of the journey. If it is raining for example, the cars in the vessel will be beaten by rain.

Secondly, the cars are not protected from shocks. As the vessel is moving on the high way, the cars are not shielded from the effect of shock. This is why the probability of breakages and scratches in an open transport vessel is higher.

Enclosed Car Shipping

The enclosed auto transport is the opposite of open transport. If you employ this type of service, your car will be put in an enclosed container. The car will be well pack in order to protect it against shocks. Moreover, there are not many cars being moved at the same time. This is why such services are very expensive. The main advantage of this type of auto transport service is safety. It is safer to moving a car using enclose auto transport than to use open vessel. The cars are protected from harsh weather and also external element. The carrier used in moving cars under this system is smaller and can contain only a car and this ensures that there is immobility as the carrier is speeding along the high ways.

If you are transporting expensive cars, it will be better for you to use an enclosed carrier for security reasons. But if the car you are transporting has low market value, it will be wise for you to use open carrier because it is less expensive than enclosed carrier.